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The Marketplace

In order to bring the cultural flows of fashion from this world into the metaverse, we are building an NFT Marketplace where each NFT bought is connected to a digital skin. The New Tag NFT Marketplace will be like your digital wardrobe where you can buy and store all your favourite digital skins. Sellers on the Marketplace will initially include The New Tag and partnered brands. But we will later add an option for the public to create NFTs and accompanying skins, thus giving content creators an opportunity to earn from their designs!

The New Tag Originals

Although we will have other vendors selling on the Marketplace, from day 1 of launch the team will be selling their own NFTs which will of course be accompanied by a skin in game but all TNT Originals will come with FREE merchandise in this world.

The Bridge Protocol

The Bridge Protocol is an open-source code which can be implemented into your favourite games by the developers, which will allow you to import your NFTs from The New Tag Marketplace into the games as skins.

Original games

Once the token swap from TNT to TAG tokens is complete, we will launch our own line of mobile games where, through the Bridge Protocol, you can play with skins from our Marketplace.

The games will reward you with TAG tokens which can then be used on the Marketplace or be held as a store of value.

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2021 June

Phase 1

Launch coin, the brand and marketing –
Begin selling NFTs –
Begin Development on the Bridge Protocol & Marketplace –
AMA (tbc) –

2021 June

2021 July

Phase 2

– Start shipping out physical merchandise
– Industry-defying marketing campaign (tbc)
– Announce new influencer/brand partnerships
– AMA 2 (Bridge protocol and Marketplace update)
2021 July

2021 Q4

Phase 3

Launch beta Marketplace (Sell NFTs via Website) –
Launch first original game (tbc) –
2021 Q4

2022 Q1

Phase 4

– Launch full Marketplace and Bridge protocol
– Launch second original game
– Coin swap to TAG tokens
– Custom skin/NFT creator (tbc)
2022 Q1


Phase 6

Coming Soon…


Token supply
10 trillion
Burn at launch
Development wallet
Marketing wallet

Presale Roadmap

TNT is carrying out 3 rounds of presale to enable us to launch with complete demo’s and designs, thus allowing us to enter the market in a strong position. If you have any queries please contact a mod on the Telegram channel

Presale 1 (Cheapest)

- Date: Closed
- Format: Whitelist
- Hard Cap: 100 BNB
- Price: 1 BNB = 986mn tokens

Presale 2

- Date: 04/06/21
- Format: Whitelist
- Hard Cap: 200 BNB
- Price: 1 BNB = 944mn tokens

Presale 3

- Date: 06/06/21
- Format: DxSale
- Hard Cap: 400 BNB
- Price: 1 BNB = 913mn tokens

* Please Note: Make sure you are following our Telegram channel to hear the latest updates regarding the presale and launch onto PancakeSwap

Meet the founders

Listen to one of the founders explain the project in this brief video.

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Nahid Ahmed

Meet the founders Listen to one of the founders explain the project in this brief video. Nahid Ahmed A graduate from the University of Warwick, Nahid is one of the co-founders of the project.

Nahid has keen interests in blockchain technology and the economics and politics of cryptocurrencies. He also has a background in entertainment, podcasting and experience in the financial services.

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